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Khalsa Movers is #1 leading Removalist Company in Hobart and Tasmania. Khalsa Movers offer House Moving Service, Packing Service, House Cleaning, Office Relocation and Gardening Services at affordable price.

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Moving Your World With Us, One Box at a Time

Khalsa Movers is one of leading moving company in Hobart Tasmania. Khalsa Movers offer moving and packing services at affordable price. Our mission is to ensure that we build a successful moving and storage company that will operate in the whole of the Tasmania. Khalsa Movers have experienced removalists in Hobart, Tasmania and are always ready to help you to move all your possessions from one location to another on the scheduled time without causing any damage.

We have skilled and experienced removalists team to provide you 24×7 moving services. We guarantee you a safe move in Tasmania.

Precise and Hard Working

Furniture Removals

Khalsa Movers offers end-to-end furniture removal services at affordable prices

Office Relocation

Our office moving firms are available at different business sizes

Flat Removals

Khalsa Movers offer Flat/ Apartment Removal Services to suit your needs and budget.

Corporate Relocation

Our office moving firms are available at different business sizes.

Piono Removals

If you need to relocate your piano, you will need a trusted piano removal company Khalsa Movers.

House Removal

Khalsa Movers help you can be sure you’re in safe hands! we’re focused on helping you move home.

We’re Quick, Friendly, and Professional

Our customers recommend Khalsa Movers to others because they trust us and we do a good job. We’ll not only give you a competitive price, but we’ll also give advice on packing, and the appropriate special cartons and packaging materials that will keep your belongings safe during the removal process.

Best Moving Company In Hobart

Fast Delivery

The only moving company in Hobart that offers any day and time moving services. No matter how big or small your move is we will move it.

Last Minute Moves

Need to move urgently, our last minute moving service will save the day. We will get you into your new address asap! We also offer emergency packing.

Office and Commercial Moves

We can move your office overnight, on the weekend and during holidays to minimize your downtime. With full office packing and unpacking, your staff will be up and running the next morning.

126 Roches Beach Rd, Roches Beach TAS 7170

Frequently Asked Questions

Overall, there are many advantages to hiring a removal company to assist with your relocation. It can save you time and stress, while ensuring that all of your items move safely and securely. With their help, the whole moving process can be much less stressful and enjoyable

hobart and tasmania removalists start at $82.50 with an average price of $87.76 per half hour. So, to move a 3 bedroom house in Launceston the cost works out to be around $749.61 on average.

Here’s what you can expect a professional mover to do for you:

  1. Supply packing materials. You shouldn’t have to buy boxes, tape, or packing material unless you decide to pack some items before the movers arrive.
  2. Pack. …
  3. Disassemble furniture. …
  4. Load and unload. …
  5. Unpack. …
  6. Dispose of the waste

If you hire a professional mover, then you won’t have to do the heavy lifting (literally). Moving companies have all of the necessary equipment to help with heavy boxes and other large items. Plus, they have a ramp to help movers carry your items into trucks with ease.

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